How a Random Article Changed My View about Porn

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If there is anything in this world that I don’t get tired of, it’s definitely watching high definition porn videos. It has never been boring to me, and I never thought of stopping any time soon, until last week when I stumbled on an article on the internet that spelled out the various hazards of watching porn. Suddenly, something inexplicable happened to me; I developed a sort of hatred for an activity I most cherished. I have never felt that sort of resentment towards anything before. For porn to become such a thing that I loathe is still unexplainable.

At this moment, let me give a little introduction of myself (my English is a little bit rusty; please bear with me as you read along). My name is Diamond Wambugu, and I am 22 years old. I am from East Africa; Kenya to be precise. I graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. I am currently unemployed, and all I do is surf the internet; post comments, make friends on facebook, twitter, and instagram, and post random articles on any site that does allow. That’s pretty much all about me.

So, back to porn; the way I watch porn is probably quite different from the way most people watch it. Many people just sneak to a corner, or just hid it under the desk and sharply masturbate to porn. Well, that’s not how I do it. My porn time is always a session I cherish and make plans for. I create ample time for the preparation and for the actual period of masturbation. For you to understand, I have put down those steps I take before and after watching porn.

Steps I Take Before and After Watching Porn

Now I must be clear that I don’t watch porn anyhow or anywhere, the only place I use as my porn abode is my room. You might benefit from the following steps as well:

  1. I ensure I have no assignment left undone: Being the only one at home during the day before everyone comes back in the evening, and with no job up my sleeves, I’m left with the responsibility of taking care of the house (I still live with my parents). Things are really hard here, so porn is what I use to lighten up. But to enjoy porn, I have to ensure that I have done everything I need to do in and around the house.
  2. I shut my door: It is definitely a creepy thing to be caught by my siblings while I’m watching porn. So, I always shut my door and often times lock it. To me, porn is a very private thing to watch.
  3. I off my clothes: I like picturing myself being the one actually acting out the porn, so I take off my clothes and leave only my underwear. In this case, I prefer loose underwear to a tight one, so as to avoid over heating my genitals. And I must say the heat here is enormous.
  4. I make sure my phone is well charged: Power supply here is erratic, often times we use generators to power up our cell phones.
  5. I put on my internet data: Unlike the advanced countries of Europe, America and Asia where Wi-Fi is everywhere, here to access the internet, you need to buy internet bundles. So, I try to minimize the usage by putting it off when not in use.
  6. I download only new videos: My favourite porn site is because it is easily accessible and it’s free. New videos are uploaded every ten minutes and there are a lot of contents on it. I don’t bother myself surfing for past videos, I only focus on new uploads. I wait till the video(s) is completely downloaded. At times, I download as many as 50 videos before I start masturbating.
  7. I put on my headphone and lie on my bed: Porn is a very private thing for me, so I always ensure I have my headphones on before I start playing the videos. I feel more comfortable masturbating while lying on the bed.
  8. I come at the horniest part of the video I consider the best: As a vibrant young man, it takes some time before I come. So, I ensure that I come when I am watching the horniest part of the video I consider the best for the day. I do this because it makes me feel extremely good; as I orgasm, the video continue playing. This is the best part of watching porn, and this method always work for me.
  9. I delete less-appealing videos and save the extremely good ones: The good stuffs can still be seen some other time. Due to the cost of internet data here, I always prefer to save the videos I consider very appealing and I delete those ones I consider whack.
  10. I clear my browsing history and clean up my room: Finally, after the day’s porn session (I watch porn only once in a day), I clear my browsing history because of the children around and because I don’t know a better way of concealing it. Then I lay my bed properly and clean up the whole room.

All the steps I listed above are more of a tradition to me, and I do all of them every time I watch porn. As creepy as this may sound, it makes me have pleasant porn experience, and I have never got bored of porn.

However, while surfing through the internet last week and searching for websites that allow people to post articles, I stumbled on an article titled “How long will it take to recover from Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction?” As I read through the lengthy article, I started to see the extent to which porn could damage one’s health- especially one’s sexual health.

The article expatiated on erectile problems caused by porn- and the thought of actually not being able to perform sexually dawned on me. I never thought watching porn could be hazardous to me in any way. The article made me to see porn in a different way. Although I enjoy watching porn a lot, but the article made me realize that it has negative effects on people. More so, a few weeks ago, I had a ‘lifeless penis’ for about five days. I didn’t know it’s an effect of porn, I thought my body was just playing pranks on me.

The good news is that the article stated that any sexual dysfunction caused by porn can be reversed. Although it might take a long time before the effects could be totally reversed, but with consistency, it is possible. Some basic steps that could help in reversing the porn-induced erectile dysfunction as stated in the article are:

  1. Do away with stimulating pictures and videos: Abstinence from porn is the key here. This is the first step, and it is very important. It is going to be hard but with consistency and focus of mind, it is possible.
  2. Find a girlfriend: The importance of this cannot be over emphasized. Finding someone to cuddle with and have romantic dinner with could really help speed up your rate of recovery.
  3. Avoid Orgasm: In order to help increase the rate at which you recover from porn-induced erectile dysfunction, it is important you avoid orgasm at all cost.
  4. Change the way you view sex: Porn has changed a lot of people’s view about sex, it makes them feel like they cannot please their partners. It’s a lie.

It was said that it takes about 3 to 6 months to make full recovery from porn-induced erectile dysfunction. The period could be lower for some, and it could be higher for some.

I have started abstaining from porn and every other stimulating videos and images, as stated by the article; and I am already in my 2nd week. Will it be possible for me to abstain from porn for up to 3months? Well, I have to try.

So, what is it going to be for you? Here is where you need to consider what is best for you – a brief moment of ecstasy or a lifelong sweet experience with your sexual partner(s). Abstinence is the key!

Author – Diamond Wambugu

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