How Pornography Can Help You Explore Your Sexuality

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If there’s one thing that the 21st century has brought into the limelight it is that sexuality is fluid concept. Sexual triggers and arousers change from person to person and, even with the same person, can change over the course of a lifetime.

Exploring your own sexuality is a healthy step in discovering yourself and improving your love life. With that in mind, here are the ways porn can help you explore your sexuality:

Porn Can Help You Discover Your Sexual Orientation

Regardless of whether you believe a person is born gay or whether they choose to be, one thing is for certain—it’s difficult for a person with little sexual experience to know what their sexual orientation truly is.

Exposure to pornography, however, can quickly remedy that. By knowing which gender turns you on, if both do, or in the case of asexual people, neither do, can be a big help in exploring your sexual orientation.

Porn Allows You to Explore Your Fantasies and Sexual Preferences

Are you aroused by bondage or by a doe-eyed, innocent girl? Do young women turn you on, or are you into more mature ladies? These questions can be answered by exploring different niches of porn.

Exploring your sexual fantasies and discovering which ones you find most enjoyable is not only fun in and of itself, knowing what it is that you enjoy will make your real-life sexual encounters all the more pleasurable.

Porn Increases Your Sexual Knowledge

A lot of discovering your own sexuality is simply about knowing what’s out there. We live in a culture where, for better or for worse, information on sex is largely suppressed.  Pornography, however, provides a near infinite resource of sexual knowledge. Every possible sexual position and act is catalogued, allowing you to learn more about sex than you ever wanted to know and providing you a safe way to increase your sexual knowledge.

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