What is Erotica? (And Why It’s a Great Alternative to Porn)

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Is pornography starting to become dull and predictable to you? Are there reasons why you would like to quit, or at least cut back on, watching porn? If so, you may want to explore erotica as an alternative.

What is Erotica?

Erotica is a genre of fiction literature where sexual fantasies are the plot and the actions are described in tantalizing detail. Think of a romance novel with the “X-rated” factor turned up to ten.

Erotica has long been thought of as porn for middle aged housewives, however, there are many people outside that category who enjoy it as well. And, just like porn, there are endless categories written by thousands of writers. From threesomes on another planet to memoirs of the first time, erotica offers plenty in terms of variety.

Why Erotica Can Sometimes be Better than Porn

Much like reading the book offers a whole different experience than watching the movie, reading erotica is stimulating in an entirely different way than watching porn. Reading erotica is a slow-burn. Even digesting a short story takes more time than watching a porn video, and, depending on the writer, it may be many pages before the action begins.

What erotica does offer, however, is the chance to experience sexual stimulation on an emotional level rather than just a physical one. This is why it is often the preferred sexual release of women, who are commonly turned on by the emotional aspects of sex rather than just the physical act itself.

Erotica puts you inside the mind of a person who is living out your sexual fantasies. It lets you know their thoughts, and it describes what they feel. While watching porn only lets you see what the other person I experiencing, erotica aims to make you feel it.

The experience can be heart-racing. A good erotica writer can build sexual tension and have you begging for release, leaving you more turned on at the point when the story gets steamy than pornography ever did.

Erotica isn’t for everyone. If you don’t enjoy reading novels, erotica probably won’t be your thing. If, however, you do enjoy reading fiction, reading erotica may be an entirely new form of sexual release for you to enjoy.

How to Begin Enjoying Erotica

Much like pornography, all it takes is a quick internet search to find near endless sources of erotica writing. Some are free, and some you have to pay for. Some are a few pages long, others are entire epics. To start reading erotica, simply pick a category and story that looks appealing to you and begin reading at the beginning. Be patient, don’t skip to “the good parts”, and let the story build. If all goes well, you may find erotica to be a great alternative to porn.

Author – Ronald W.

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