Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Masturbating to Porn


My name is Pamela, and I’m in my sophomore year in the university. I have had the opportunity to do a private research on what gets men aroused;it wasn’t a big project, but it gave me more insight on this subject. I conducted one-on-one interview with fifty men of different race, religion, age (18-50) and marital status (single or married). From this “research” of mine, I found out that just about anything could get a man aroused; panties, bra, the back of a woman, animals mating, a girl driving a red car, porn, models on billboards, women doing yoga, women on the beach, naked ladies pole dancing, topless waitresses, a picture of a girl with gun, a lady in the kitchen, women in hijab, playboy magazines, sexy ladies in cartoons, lap dance, etc.

The list seems to be endless, just about anything could arouse a man. I could go on and on listing those somewhat bizarre things that gets some men aroused. Porn is one of the most mentioned arousing means in my research. 75% of my respondents said they get easily aroused by watching porn; although, 40% have specifics, but 35% said just any category of porn could get them aroused. Only 25% of my respondents did not mention porn as a means of getting aroused.

Before this research, I always thought all men wank to porn, but it seems some men don’t find it appealing as much as others do.I did not conduct any research on women based on what gets them aroused, so I won’t talk about women in this article. But I can speak for myself;as a lady, most of the things that easily get men aroused never seem to get me aroused. In case you are wondering what gets me aroused; a hot guy in a sexy uniform. Maybe you don’t find that attractive, but I do; especially if he’s got big arms. Well, I’m not going to start talking about me in this article, so I’m going to talk on what seems to be the most mentioned arousing means in my research- porn.

Since porn is the modal factor that gets men aroused based on my research findings, I have decided to look into its advantages and disadvantages. Now, these advantages and/or disadvantages are not scientifically proven, they are simply from the personal views of my respondents. I know the terms “research”, “respondents”, “findings” etc. is making this article sound a bit formal, but don’t look at it that way; simply view it as an expression from a sample of random people.

It is important that you don’t forget that whatever is being listed below is not my personal view, nor is it scientifically proven; they are views of random people from different races, religion, age, and marital status.

Advantages of Watching Porn

  • It is readily available

The internet has paved way for interested people to view porn contents whenever and wherever they want to. All you need to do is to put on your PC or simply turn on your smart phone and surf the internet for porn. It is as simple as that.

  • It saves money

There are numerous websites that offers porn contents for free. Simply download free porn contents and excite yourself.

  • No stress involved

You don’t need to get all sweaty and over-worked; the porn stars are already doing that for you. Just relax, watch and get excited.

Disadvantages of Watching Porn

  • Consumes time

You can easily get caught up in the euphoria of porn gratification, and find yourself spending hours watching it. It is not a problem if you can manage your “porn” time, but when you can’t, it becomes a problem.

  • Lowers Productivity

As said earlier, time is of the essence. The hours spent watching porn could be used to engage in more meaningful activities which could fetch you more money.

  • Loss of drive for real sex

Yes, porn might make you to find real sex less appealing. You might even find it hard to get aroused by “real” women in the long run. This is why it is advisable not to get addicted to it. Try not to get too attached to porn.

The lists above show only three top advantages and disadvantages from the views of my respondents. But personally, I don’t have anything against porn, so far you are being moderate about it and not forgetting what it is all about; getting you excited. If care is not taken, you might easily get addicted to porn, and this might bring more pressing issues than those mentioned in this article.

Author – Pamela P.


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