Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Quitting Porn

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It has become second nature to numerous individuals to commit a lot of their time, energy, and resources to endless surfing of the internet for porn contents. According to the statistics on, there are about 4.2 million porn websites, making up 12% of total websites on the internet; 42.7% of internet users view porn; 72 million worldwide internet users visit adult sites per month; there are about 1.5 billion porn downloads per month; there are about 68 million daily porn search engine requests; about 28,258 people view internet porn every second; and about $3,075.64 is spent on internet porn every second. No doubt, these figures show that the porn industry is booming at the moment, and the truth is that you are probably among those that made up these figures.

What the figures above imply is that many people are having the same addiction as yours, and many are probably seeking for ways to stop the act. No one is going to say to you that it is easy to quit porn, but with some motivation and discipline it is very possible. However, for those porn users who are still enjoying the short-term euphoria they derive from watching porn; below are three of the most compelling reasons why you should consider quitting porn.

  • Health Reason

Masturbating to porn has significant negative effect on your long-term health. The consequences of excessive porn consumption are not immediate; they begin over an extended period of time. Erectile dysfunction and depression are just a few of the numerous health hazards of porn addiction.

  • Relationship Reason

The quantity of time you spend alone in your room or whatever place you use for the purpose of watching porn could be used to make more connections with people in real life. Your family, your friends, even your colleagues all need your attention. And for those who have kids, what legacy will you be giving to your kids?

  • Financial Reason

The money you spend on paid porn websites could be directed into more profitable endeavours. Even the time you use in watching porn could also be used to engage yourself in lucrative jobs which will earn you more money.

These are just a few of the numerous reasons why you should consider quitting porn. With discipline and determination, it is possible to quit porn. You will record increased productivity, more social interaction, more confidence, good health, and an all-round wellbeing when you quit porn.

Author – James Wrigley

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