Pornography is Boring

porn is boring (13)

There’s a good chance you may remember your very first exposure to pornographic content. Whatever form it came in, and whether you look back on that moment with regret or whether you don’t, odds are one thing holds true—it was exciting. Most things are when they are new, and pornography is no different. But, also like most things, that newness quickly wears off. Blinded by the lens of habit and addiction, most people fail to see what with a little perspective is so blatantly obvious—pornography is boring.

porn3Sure, the industry does its best to spice up their product. There are different plots (all poorly constructed and even more poorly acted), different people, and different sexual acts (though there’s only so many available). But at the end of the day, it’s always the same, a video of two or more people performing an act that was never meant to be enjoyable to anyone but them.

Imagine a person who enjoys ice cream, yet rather than going out and purchasing an ice cream cone, they look up video after video of people eating ice cream. Sure, sex may not be nearly as easily attainable as buying ice cream unless you’re blessed with the looks and charm of a movie star, but that doesn’t make replacing it with watching others enjoy themselves any less dull.

The sadly ironic part is that pornography very often inhibits those who are consumed by it from ever achieving the healthy, satisfying sex life that they fantasize about. Either it sets them up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations or it keeps them from putting in the time and effort necessary to attain fulfilling relationships and interactions with real people by stringing them along with tiny little crumbs of what they really desire. Tiny, boring, little crumbs.

The next time you consider watching pornography, think of what else you could do with the time instead. You could go out to a bar and meet real life women, or, if you’re already in a relationship, you could spend the time with your partner. Or perhaps you could do something not related to sex or dating at all. Read a novel, listen to music, call up a friend and go enjoy the day. The possibilities of real, exciting things for you to experience rather than watching others experience something and fantasizing that you were in their place are almost limitless. And best of all, most of them will improve you as a person and strengthen your ability to form relationships—quite the opposite of what porn has to offer.

Yes, pornography is boring. Dreadfully so, in fact. Thankfully, the world has plenty of things to offer that are real, and fun, and thrilling. The sooner you embrace these things, the sooner you set yourself onto the road to a better, more satisfying life.


Author – David K. Gulli

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