Porn Addiction and Three of Its Most Lethal Effects

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The porn industry has recorded a significant surge in revenue in the last decade as the number of men and women who spend enormous time in front of their computers and phones watching porn increases on a daily basis.

It starts as a means of whiling away time before you go and do that important work you want to do, or as a means of ‘resting’ your body after a day’s job, or just as a means of energizing your body to lighten up your day. These are just a few reasons out of many why people spend minutes, even hours watching porn. Before you know it, it has become an addiction: it becomes the central of your imagination all day long; you begin to imagine yourself in the euphoria of the scenes you have seen.

Porn addiction has caused damages of all sorts to a very large number of people, and people are struggling daily to free themselves from its hook. This article does not in any way condemn the porn stars or those that watches porn; it only aims at helping those who just want to start watching porn and/or those who want to end the act of excessive porn watching, to rethink before they put on their devices to watch porn again.

Listed below are a few of the prevalent negative effects of porn addiction:

It causes erectile dysfunction

The more you watch porn, the less you are able to get aroused by real women. Porn scenes are made in such a way that the brain gets “re-wired” the more you watch it. Real women become less attractive, and it will require hard work to get you aroused (that’s if you get aroused at all). This phenomenon of the brain getting “re-wired” is termed neuroplasticity.

It reduces one’s productivity

The hours spent watching porn could be used to get important projects done. You begin to procrastinate incessantly. More so, the precision and attention you give to your work reduces significantly.

You become less satisfied with only one partner

Port addicts don’t enjoy watching the same porn scenes made by the same porn stars over and over again. Rather, they find it fulfilling to watch different porn scenes made by different porn stars with different costumes. This in turn makes it difficult for them to get pleasured by one partner in “real life”, unless they are able to get new partners on a regular basis. This phenomenon is termed the Coolidge Effect.

These are just a few of the negative effects of getting addicted to porn. It is not too late to do something about your addiction, that’s if you really want to stop watching it.

Author – Sarah McClung

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