Five ways to spice things up in your bedroom using porn

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Porn can be addictive, but when watched moderately and with a specific purpose in mind, it can turn out to be a useful tool. At times when it seems the vibe in your bedroom has reduced or has become negligible, porn can be used to spice things up.

It is a common thing among couples to start drifting away sexually from each other as they grow up, and especially with the kids around, the pressure at work and other pressures here and there; they start finding it hard to spend quality time alone, and even when they do get the chance to be alone, they would not seem to have the urge to have sex.
People have always labelled porn as a bad thing, something that can cause damage to relationships due to the unreasonable and unachievable expectations it brings about; putting pressure on couples trying to pleasure their partner by acting out what the porn stars do in the sex movies. Well, this is not entirely true, as a lot of couples have tried this method before with remarkable success. The thing is, when done properly and moderately, you will be able to learn some new positions and some other tricks that you can inculcate into your sex life.

I have put together a few ways by which porn can be used in reviving your sex drive:

Watch it with your partner

Although, at first, it might seem difficult to ask your partner if it is cool to watch porn with her, but there are ways by which it can be done. You can simply suggest it, or bring it up while seeing a normal movie that is slightly sexually explicit. Remember, don’t pressure her if she feels and act reluctant about this when you tell her, just be calm, and let her know why you brought it up.

Choose a porn video that you and your partner will feel comfortable with

There are a lot of porn videos out there, and this can make it difficult to select which one you and your partner can both enjoy. Well, here is an insight; it is easier to arouse women through verbal stimuli, whether it is in written form or spoken. This is the reason why a lot of women glue themselves to romance novels because of the steamy scenarios deployed in them. On the other hand, men can be easily aroused by the images they see and can relate to. So, it is advisable to choose a porn video that has a decent story line and a lot of erotic language.

Stimulate yourselves as you watch the video

Try to finish watching the entire video before you start having sex. Meanwhile, as you are watching the video, you can start cuddling and caressing each other. You can also try giving your partner oral sex. This simple act of engaging yourselves in “soft sex” while watching a porn video has been found to be very stimulating and arousing; you should try it.

Try out the positions portrayed in the video

These porn stars seem to have endless sex positions which you too can try out. It is not mandatory to act out everything you see in the porn video, you should just pick out one or two positions that you feel you and your partner can feel comfortable with. The essence of watching the porn is to try and break the norm and try out something you have not done together before. It is important for you to note that you should not in any way force your partner to do what she does not feel comfortable doing.

Keep the video away from the reach of children

This is very important. You should find a place that is both out of sight and out of reach for children (that’s if you have kids). But seriously, these videos should only be brought out when you want to use them, you don’t want porn videos loitering around in your bedroom.

In addition, it is very important to note that these porn videos should not always be used when you want to have sex. Let me put it in another way; you shouldn’t become dependent on sex videos every time you and your partner want to engage in sex. Keep it clean and moderate, and see how things begin to change for better in your sex life.

Author – Juliet Herrington

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